The Dance of Earth and Venus

The Cosmic Story: Scorpio/Taurus Full Moon 2020

The Cosmic Story: Scorpio/Taurus Full Moon 2020
Emergence: Who will we be?

Ancient Beauty, as it were, shall pour over the land...
Ancient, Aboriginal, Primal Beauty...
Beauty that shall stop the Mind...
Beauty from all Pastime, blended into the NOW...
Beauty of unprecedented splendor shall flow across the land...
Primordial's Beauty has always been with us...
only now are we prepared to see... to BE.

(Galactic Shamanism the Star-Stone Onesby Mary Saint-Marie)

As we enter this season of Beltane, when the energetic veils between dimensions are thin and magic seeps through as the Beauty of Spring's returning life, we will have to embody this primordial Beauty in new and more creative ways. Dancing the Maypole or knocking back margaritas on Cinco de Mayo will probably be off the agenda. If we can't gather in our old cultural settings, we will want to find new ways to celebrate life, recharge our spirits and gather as a community.

Our world has changed in ways we never imagined.

Our world has the opportunity to change for the better.

How we handle this unfolding will determine if we becomethe change or not. That's what we've been saying to ourselves these past years, isn't it? Be the change you want to see.

Beltaneis a cross-quarter fire festival, a celebration named for Belenus the Celtic Sun god. It is a celebration of the growing power of the Sun, bringing life back to us. This is a celebration of the fires of Life, the passions of Life, the embodiment of Life. So let us celebrate Beltane this year by opening ourselves to the Light. 


This is the moment, the moment of emergence. Like the Hopi myths of the changing of the ages, we will be emerging out of caves of isolation within our Selves, our homes, our communities and our countries. What will we choose to engage in when we emerge? Will our caterpillars turn to butterflies? Or will we be content to go back to what was before? Although I question if that is even possible.

We have been blessed with this amazing opportunity! The modern world and its machines have stopped! Once we start up again, it really is up to each of us how things turn out. Do we go back to supporting unconscious consumerism to get corporations flourishing again on our work and money? Do we want to create alternative cultures that incorporate a more spiritual, conscious vision? Do we value our time differently so we balance work and play?

How will we fill our lives now that we have our freedom (?) again.

We don't have to have the full picture yet of how and what we can do differently. We just have to start knowing that we want to live this new way of life. And stop the old habits from creeping back in because it's easier.

Hold onto the vision of the possible future. This is when we get to be co-creators.

Taurus shows us where our true wealth lies – in the bounty and fertility of the Earth as well as our inner wealth from all the lifetimes we've lived as well as from this lifetime. We come into life with a wealth of knowledge and talent and possibilities. Look for the house Taurus occupies – that's what gifts you've brought in. 

Pablo Amaringo

The Taurus Moon cycle began with Uranus joining the New Moon, awakening us to our new reality and giving us the opportunity to discover how we are going to embody that Aries primal fire. What have we discovered about ourselves that makes us passionately alive? What new ideas have come to us. This Taurus Moon cycle calls us to embody something new – some new behavior, physical action, decisions we've made. We don't have to solve the problem, we have the whole Moon cycle to work on what we need to do to embody this new energy.

In Taurus, our lesson is to learn to embody the Aries' fire. This year's Taurus' lunar cycle can ground in this newfound freedom to move and connect as states and countries start to open up. How we move and connect will determine the new form this fire will take in each of us. In some ways, staying indoors all these months has kept us not only from each other but just as importantly from Nature – from wind and rain, clouds and sunshine, moonlight and frost.

As you Emerge, imagine you are being Reborn into the truest version of yourself.

As you head out into Spring, let you senses awaken again – that's Taurus' specialty. Let yourself see, hear, taste, touch, smell and sense the world as if you are a child. Feel the world, take it into yourself, take joy in it.

Scorpio/Taurus Full Moon

The Taurus – Scorpio polarity is an important one to work with, especially now. It embodies the mysterious and powerful polarity of Life and Death.

Taurus calls us to embody the beauty, pleasure and intimacy that make life worth living, as well as learning to receive love, not just give love. As a Taurus, I can confirm the truth of that. Taurus often feels easier giving than receiving. So when you open your heart chakra, don't forget to open up the receiving side of it – in your back.

Taurus wants to incarnate Spirit in all things, bringing us back to the paradise that Earth was and still is. We have the opportunity to 'get back to the Garden' when we emerge back into the world. It's all about how deeply we seewhat we're looking at.

Scorpio teaches us the lessons of death and rebirth by taking us down to the depths of ourselves to face our wounds, our fears, our shadows. Once we face them and integrate their lessons, we are reborn into our true Self. Then we can learn to hone our Will so that we know who we are and what we really desire. Because Scorpio wants to feel the intensity of life without being overwhelmed by it.

The energy of Life cannot exist without the energy of Death. They are one and the same energy. So with this Scorpio Full Moon, Life itself demands the release of dead energy within us so that we can plant the new seeds we want to blossom in the coming years.

The Scorpio/Taurus Full Moon occurs on Thursday, May 7that 3:45am PDT/ 6:45am EDT/ 11:45am GMT. 


The Sabian symbol for the Sun at 18* Taurus is: A woman airing an old bag through the open window of her room. This symbol speaks to the need to let go of our old ego attachments: it's the opportunity to let go and purify who we think we are.

The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 18* Scorpio is: A path through woods brilliant with multicolored leaves. This is the way to face death! To see the glory of a life well lived. We need to trust that all our troubles, our pain, our issues have been there to teach us how to meet this moment and transcend our fears. The future awaits us!

Full Moon energies bring what's been hidden from our ego consciousness to light. As we re-engage in the world, this Scorpio Full Moon might reflect back to us what we really yearn for – those things in life that bring us peace and joy and satisfaction. I hope we remember this as we fully emerge and get back into the swing of summer life.

While this watery Full Moon brings up issues of letting go of what no longer serves life, it also has a powerful hit from Neptune in Pisces, opening us to compassion, not only for all people suffering during this pandemic, but also for ourselves. We came into this lifetime with lessons which were probably meant to help us forge a new vision of life, because we are the most conscious group of human beings this world has seen in millennia. This is the time and the place we need to begin.

Neptune also gives us the tool of the creative imagination to help us through this death and rebirth of our culture. For this is the death of patriarchy if we want it to be. As we release the emotional wounds that keep us repeating our insanity, we need to fill those spaces with possibilities. And that's what Neptune can do for us. Living in our active imaginations can change our habits quicker than anything else.

Since Mercury is conjunct the Taurus Sun, we have the ability to see and communicate what is broken in our society (Mercury trine the Pluto/Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn) as well as what expectations we need to let go of in trying to return to 'normal'. Instead, we can be looking for opportunities to bring something into play that people need. Something many of us have spent our lifetimes discovering and learning.

Now is the time for us to lead the way into a better future.

Venus is the ruler of Taurus while Mars is the ruler of Scorpio. At this Full Moon they are in a great relationship with each other. They're talking, which is an important part of any relationship right now. Venus doesn't want to be tied down since she's slowing down to turn retrograde on May 12-13, especially since she is out of bounds (beyond the cultural norm) and therefore a wild card. Venus is in Gemini, where she wants to keep her options open. Since Mars is in Aquarius, his energy is affecting our collective consciousness – so stand up for our ideals and change how people think about things by our actions. Mars is the protector and defender, the energy that isn't afraid to grapple with an issue to discover it's best resolution.

Aphrodite is the earlier Greek version of Venus and she has much to teach us. Aphrodite wasn't a mother or wife. She was the sexually free woman, but she wasn't promiscuous. She chose her partners and held them to high standards. She wanted the experience of Beauty, Sexuality and Love to combine intimacy with autonomy. Letting ourselves experience Love outside the norm – a great time to go love a tree.

This is the question that Venus retrograde in Gemini will pose us is: If love doesn't embody freedom, is it really love?

Since Venus in Gemini loves a witty, wise conversation, this is a good place to start. If we are rebirthing the world, we need to rebirth the love experience, which starts with communication and understanding.

This Venus retrograde, which will see Venus descending into the western horizon ending her time as an Evening Star, will resonate back to 2004 and 2012, when Venus crossed the face of the Sun. What was happening in your life then? Look to your Gemini house to see.

The great challenge of this chart is the Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus, which will operate the whole of 2021. So we are seeing a bit ahead to what is waiting for us next year. Saturn and Uranus have a 45 year cycle which brings into society new ideas, inventions and life circumstances. Uranus gives us the new creative ideas while Saturn gives us the forms and structures that will manifest those ideas.

It's time to liberate ourselves from old collective mindsets. It's time to bring all that creativity into our bodies and the physical world. This is where we are meant to make a difference. This is where we are meant to be. It's time to start creating a structure or plan (Saturn) to establish the new possibilities the world needs (Uranus).

Uranus was in earthy Virgo during the birth of this Pluto/Uranus cycle. And look at all the creative, outlandish, wild and free things that came out of the 60s. Taurus will offer us another chance to bring that Uranian energy down to earth, so let us be disciplined wild people and cultivate our relationship with Mother Earth while letting the creative force flow through us. 


This is the Wesak Full Moon, when the Buddha attained Nirvana – when he saw the truth of the world. It's amazing to realize we've all been on a retreat in our isolation, meditating on life. With this Buddha Moon, it is a time of realization, when even the most unconscious of us had to look at ourselves and our behavior. Who are we now? Who will we be when we go back out – emerge – and what will we see? Will we see with new eyes? What will come of it.? We've all been on retreat for 40 days/40 nights. The question is, what have we discovered?

This winter and early spring, all the planets were moving forward (except for Mercury from February 16 – March 9). Now we're going to see some of the planets start their retrograde motion – meaning we'll be still looking inside ourselves even as we get out of our isolation.

The Lunar Nodes are changing signs on May 5th.  They leave Cancer/Capricorn and start to make their way through Gemini/Sagittarius.  Our new concern is to be open-minded, not bogged down by the truths of the past.

Pluto in Capricorn went regrade on April 25, giving us a chance to examine what power is and what it means to us.

Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius on May 10-11, giving us a chance to restructure how we want to go forward after this.

Venus in Gemini goes retrograde on May 12-13, giving us a chance to decide what's important to us – what our values are and how we want to live them.

Jupiter in Capricorn goes retrograde on May 14, giving us a chance to expand our understanding of what is happening in our culture and how we fit into a new society.

The asteroid Pallas, the energy of strategic knowledge, goes retrograde on May 17, helping us to formulate our specific strategy for the future.

The asteroid Juno, the energy of relationship, goes direct on May 26-27, so take your relationships to a new level.

May the 4th be with you!