The Dance of Earth and Venus

The Cosmic Story: Cancer Lunar Eclipse, Uranus direct and the Saturn/Pluto conjunction 2020

The Cosmic Story: January 10 - 12, 2020
And so it begins!

2020 preview

Like many Baby Boomers, I remember celebrating the Harmonic Convergence (the first global peace meditation) on August 16, 1987, the beginning of the 25 year countdown to the big 2012 alignment with the Galactic Center and the beginning of a new Mayan calendar. I had just gotten divorced and August 16th was my first ex-anniversary. I looked forward to a new beginning for myself, my family and my world.

As events proved, 2012 was just the beginning of an intense seven years that brought back all the issues left unresolved from the 60s conjunction of Pluto and Uranus. With the 7 squares between these two change-makers between 2012-2015, we were energized to overcome the obstacles to our visions of a new, peaceful, cooperative, just world. 
Well, that didn't work out as easily as we'd hoped it would either. We're still in the midst of 'overcoming obstacles' that the square left us with. And the world is a much darker place than we ever imagined. While many of us have been concerned about climate change since the 70s, most of the world is finally, at the last minute, starting to acknowledge we have to become a more sustainable society. Unfettered capitalism brought us to the brink of global disaster. 
We need a new vision for the future.

The old worldview is not going down without a fight though, because people are afraid and don't have a sense of that new vision. What we have is a vision of Australia, the Amazon and California burning, of immigrants being caged, of wars and assassinations, of governments that no longer function. 
And so we must provide that vision. This is the challenge of our times.

And 2020 is the year we'll find that vision. (Yay! It's been a long time since 1987.) It's not going to be an easy year. But it will be a transformative one. It's a liminal year of transitions, of endings and new beginnings. And hopefully by 2021-23, we'll have set a new course. First for ourselves individually, and then for the world. 
There are three big planetary cycles ending and beginning this year between Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter. The biggest change comes on Winter Solstice, December 21, 2020 – that's when Saturn and Jupiter finally meet up to start a new cycle of collective growth in the air sign of Aquarius. These two planets meet every 20 years and for the past 200 years, they've met in earth signs (except for their 1st airy Libra conjunction in the 80s). Now these planets will meet in air signs for the next 200 years or so, and things will be different. More on that at the end of the year.

There will be a series of six eclipses with a change of Lunar Nodes on May 5th from Cancer-Capricorn to Gemini-Sagittarius. Of course, Mercury will again retrograde three times in water signs that deal with our emotional bodies. Both Venus and Mars will go retrograde this year, with Venus transiting Gemini for four months from April 3rd to August 7th, aligning with the North Node in Gemini. Mars, which usually spends about six weeks in a sign will retrograde and stay in Aries for six months, squaring Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter. So don't expect things to move ahead quickly, because they won't. Hopefully, this will slow down any march to war (Mars in Aries is the warrior).

So get ready, finally, to commit to making a transition to a new life, to open yourself to your new vision and to be prepared to work hard and to take responsibility for your life and the life of the world.

Cancer-Capricorn Full Moon lunar eclipse & Uranus direct on January 10th

The Cancer-Capricorn Full Moon lunar eclipse occurs on Friday, January 10, 2020 at 11:21am PST/ 2:21pm EST/ 7:21pm GMT.

 As you can see by the visuals, there's a whole of lot energy in Capricorn, all being channeled through the Cancer Moon.  It will help to stay grounded and emotionally centered.  Neptune in Pisces trines the Cancer Moon, so let your imagination open you to new possibilities, no matter what happens.

The lunar nodes have been in Cancer-Capricorn since early November 2018. With the North Node in Cancer, we've been discovering what is truly important to us, what gives us emotional security. The Capricorn South Node confronts us with old unresolved karma, especially on a collective level. The deep flaws in our patriarchal society can no longer be hidden and are being confronted on all levels of society. It's time, especially for women, to 'leave the Father's house'. It's been a time to let go of old habits that were shaped by those patriarchal rules and discover via the North Node in Cancer what truly nurtures us. And it doesn't surprise me that what's important now is community, especially transformational communities. 
This is one of the last three eclipses in Cancer-Capricorn. This Full Moon lunar eclipse can help you release any lingering 'rules' and behaviors that no longer serve you. Looking at the eclipse chart, we can see Pluto and Saturn preparing to join up on Monday January 12, so we are at the very last stage of this important cycle. As you'll see below, we are at the end of patriarchy as we know it.

The Sun conjuncts Mercury, (which is out-of-bounds, meaning the Mind can step out of its usually paradigm and see new possibilities), a few hours before this eclipse. It's a great time to focus our mind's intentions on integrity, harmony, and peace. 
Meanwhile Jupiter just passed over the Capricorn South Node, bringing up unfinished business that needs handling. Like stopping another war.

This weekend is a great time to meditate, journey, dream and imagine a different future. The stronger our imagining, the stronger the possibility of it manifesting.

Uranus has been slowing down and will turn direct a few hours after this eclipse. Uranus rules genius, inventions, originality, experimentation. Uranus has been retrograde since August 11, 2019, turning its radical awakening energies within, working on us from the inside out. Now it's time to see how some of those internal changes have reshaped our lives. It's time to step forward and speak our truth, open our hearts and stay peaceful. It's time to take over the world with love – remember our hippie slogan: Make Love, Not War!

Uranus in Taurus forms an inconjunct with Mars in Sagittarius in this eclipse chart, so watch out for sudden accidents or surprises. Mars symbolizes our 'doing' nature and rules our desires as well as our will and focus. Mars energy can constellate anger and aggression or courage and determination. With Uranus in the mix, you're going to want to do things differently. Try new and unique approaches to things and go for it! But watch out for frustration, which can turn you aside from your intentions. Stick to them and ignore those who try to pull you back into old relationships or ways of doing things. Remember, it takes time to transform the material universe. Patience is the virtue we want to cultivate now.

Saturn conjunct Pluto at 23* Capricorn on January 12, 2020

With Saturn's 28-30 cycle and Pluto's slow progress, they meet up every 35-38 years or so. Last time they started a cycle was in 1981-82 in Libra. What makes this new cycle so important is that these two planets haven't come together to start a new cycle in Capricorn, the sign of our society and social structures, since 1518 – the year Martin Luther confronted the Catholic Church and started the Protestant Reformation. Which in turn, changed the world and led to our modern world. This conjunction re-configures power structures. It's up to us to make sure power goes to the people. 

As you can see, the Sun and Mercury bookend these two planets, so try to make conscious choices about what you want the future to look like.
Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008, when the financial crisis struck. Pluto in Capricorn energizes evolution in our society and our social and economic structures, bringing up what is no longer viable and exposing it so we can let it go and make room for a new paradigm of society. 
Patriarchy has devolved into capitalism, making MONEY the bottom line. This is what has to change. With the North Node in Cancer, we need to make family and community the center of life again. We need to create more art and beauty, more positive visions. The economy is just one of many things that sustain us. We need to move the economy out of the center and put it in its place – as a tool of life. Not the source of life.

Pluto squared Uranus in Aries in a series of seven squares during 2012-2015, bringing up all the issues from their conjunction (beginning a new cycle) in the mid-60s. Women's issues, the environment, social justice, equality, immigration, health. This opening square is all about overcoming obstacles. And this is our work now to complete what we began in the 60s. We won't see the full results for another 40 years, but it's up to us to stand up and create the changes now so their full flowering can be achieved.

This conjunction between Saturn and Pluto is a game-changer. Saturn is all about structures and limits and responsibility while Pluto evokes death and rebirth – evolution. This conjunction wants to re-structure society. It's about going beyond patriarchy into partnership, beyond domination into equality, beyond materialism into spirituality.

This conjunction heralds the end of patriarchy and the beginning of a new world-view. One in which we each have to take responsibility for our lives and our world. And most importantly, we have to become Stewards of the Earth, which is humanity's purpose in Mother Earth's biosphere. 
Conjunctions are like New Moons. They are a time to plant seeds, set intentions, begin something new. That's why it's so important to take time between the lunar eclipse and this conjunction to go within and imagine the future. Things won't be changing dramatically on this day. New beginnings start in the dark, the quiet, the invisible. That's what we're called to do now.

It's time to live out our new story now --- time to shine out the light within us and bring healing to ourselves and the world. People are looking for answers to questions about life, about spirituality and the future. We are all looking for meaning. So if you're a healer, a coach, an astrologer, a therapist, people are going to need us as the old world falls apart. But everyone who stands for the Light, in whatever capacity, is called.

Become a spiritual warrior, balanced within between the return of the Divine Feminine and the rising New Masculine spirit that is her mate. My work on the return of the Goddess as Wisdom (Wisdom'sDaughters) taught me that our world needs Wisdom now if we're going to get through this transition out of patriarchy and into Aquarian openness and partnership. The Age of Aquarius begins in our Minds. Now is the time to go live there. Others will follow when they can.

Alice Bailey, the esoteric astrologer and theosophist, described 10 Seed Groups that would bring in the Age of Aquarius:

Telepathic Communicators
Trained Observers
Magnetic Healers
Educators of the New Age
Political Organizers
Workers in the Field of Religion
Scientific Servers
Financiers and Economists
Creative Workers

Adapted from Alice Bailey, in her book: Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. 1(pages 35-42) "intensifying points of life embedded within the NEW Group of World Servers through which new types of energy enter into the human race. The function of these groups is to intuit and anchor new ideas and methods within the consciousness of humanity. They work on every level of human awareness and activity."

Which group(s) do you have an affinity for?

May the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine bless this new decade and new year,

Walk in the Light.