The Dance of Earth and Venus

The Cosmic Story: Pisces Full Moon 2019: Practical Magic

The Cosmic Story: Pisces/Virgo Full Moon: September 13-14, 2019
Embodying the Vision: Practical Magic

Each New And Full Moon bring us different energy filters, different emotional flows, different perspectives on life, different challenges and blessings to face. These we spin into the tapestry of our lives. 
While the changing Moon cycles have so many variables that effect us on subtle levels, it is at the Full Moon that we feel her power most consciously. Her orbit close or far from the Earth, the place of her rising in the East and setting in the West, affect us viscerally. Her zodiacal sign and energy, which is a human system for understanding cosmic laws, helps us understand the meaning of the moment. If we allow the light to fill us.

So, this Pisces/Virgo Full Moon is not only the Harvest Moon (the Full Moon closest to Fall Equinox, giving light to the harvesters in the nighttime fields) it is also a mystic moonlight which can bring us visions of how we can be of service to the world. Virgo has the integrity to be of service in times of need, and Pisces provides the connection with the World Soul of Mother Earth – the Anima Mundi. 

What is the world crying for? How can we be of service? 
At the Virgo New Moon on August 30th, we saw a lineup of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars – all the personal planets – definitely planting themselves in the seed of this New Moon. In the two weeks since then, all of these planetary energies have come into a helpful relationship to the stabilizing influence of Saturn and the transformative energy of Pluto in Capricorn, as well as in a challenging aspect to the Neptune/Jupiter square. Our instructions were to realize what we believe (Jupiter/Neptune) and to regenerate how we see ourselves (Sun) and our security needs (Moon), how our minds work (Mercury), what our hearts want (Venus) and how to go about getting it (Mars). 
What new realizations have you had these past few weeks – about yourself, your relationships and the state of the world? With the devastation of the Bahamas and the storm's effect on eastern North America during hurricane Dorian, what is that making you feel about climate change and how you'll deal with it? Have you fallen into depression and despair or are you feeling optimistic that the world will finally do something about helping Mother Earth heal? 
I was listening to my friend Caroline Casey talk with Michael Stuart Ani about the environmental crisis and the ancient ritual of the Ghost Dance – 'a ritual created to save the human strand in the weave of Nature'. It's how we dance life into being. Our work is to re-establish ourselves in Nature's tapestry instead of unraveling it. And what came out of that discussion is the idea – not new – that we can help Mother Earth by our intentions. It's not just our actions that will help heal Mother Earth – it is also our focus and intentions that can help as well. Just remember – “Intent is magic's most important ingredient and belief is the spine of intent.” (Alyson Noel – The Soul Seekerseries)

What are your intentions? What do you believe is possible? As we leave the patriarchal mindset of the only reality is 3 D reality, how can we bring our spirituality into our everyday lives and create miracles? That's the evolution we're called on to make. The realization that we're all one and that intentions do matter.

Pisces/Virgo Full Moon on Friday the 13th!: Practical Magic
This Friday's Pisces Full Moon occurs at 9:33pm PDT on September 13th, and on September 14that 12:33am EDT/ 5:33am GMT. 

The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 22* Pisces is: A prophet carrying tablets of the new law is walking down the slopes of Mount Sinai. This refers to Moses bringing his people the new laws to live by. But it is a symbol for the need to bring the spiritual laws of life into our everyday lives. That's what Virgo is concerned with – the everyday rituals and routines, while Pisces is concerned with other dimensions of reality and the visionary who sees and understands the cosmic laws of life. 
The Full Moon in Pisces already has a mystical bent, and this creative, spiritual energy is further enhanced by the Moon joining Neptune in the sky. Neptune is the planetary archetypal energy of imagination, spirituality and unity consciousness. This is the belief we need to cultivate to create magic, not for ourselves but for Mother Earth. The Sabian symbol for Neptune at 18* Pisces is: In a gigantic tent, villagers witness a spectacular performance. This signifies the ability to use our personal conviction to bring a crowd to a state of enthusiasm. It's the ability to use our art, our words, our passion to wake up those who are still caught in the collective trance. 
The Sabian symbol for the Sun at 22* Virgo is: A royal coat of arms enriched with precious stones. This is an image of our ancestral royal nature – our ability to act as mediators between heaven and earth. We've all incarnated many times on this road to spiritual consciousness and we are now called upon to act on that royal nature. The precious stones symbols those values and virtues we need to live by. One of those virtues is nobility of spirit. Nobility is the act of taking responsibility for the health and well being of the whole nation. Are you ready to take on the responsibility of your noble heritage? 
NadiyaShah, a favorite astrologer of mine, pointed out the mystic rectangle that is created by the Full Moon, Saturn and the South Node in Capricorn and the North Node in Cancer. A mystic rectangle has trines from Mars to Saturn and Neptune to the Cancer North Node. A mystic rectangle is another energy that brings the mystical magical energy down into the practical workings of our lives. As you can see, the energy is here for us to use to bring our soul's spiritual purpose online.

Just as the Pisces Moon is conjunct Neptune, the Virgo Sun is conjunct Mars. And Mars is exactly opposite Neptune, helping us bring those Neptunian visions into our daily routines. The Sabian symbol for Mars at 18* Virgo is: A Ouija board. This is an image of seeking inner guidance. Need I say more?

This is a Full Moon where we can create practical magic. It tells us that when we can see and live the magic and spirituality in our everyday lives, we will re-create the world. 

With Saturn slowing down to resume direct motion on September 18th, its power is strong and steady.  Saturn retrograde has been working within us to establish stronger boundaries and psychic structures.  Now it can help us create those new behaviors and structures in the outer world.  This Saturn moving forward is heading to its big conjunction with Pluto next January 12, 2020.  Stay tuned for more cosmic news about this big event.
The Virgo Sun and Mars trine Pluto and Saturn, adding emotional power and steadiness to your insights and actions. These Capricorn planets sextile the Pisces Moon and Neptune, opening our minds and attracting experiences and sychronicities that put us on the right track. 
The ruling planets of both the Sun (Mercury rules Virgo) and Moon (Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces) are in their own signs, making the effects of this Full Moon stronger. 
Mercury is conjunct Venus in the last degree of Virgo, bringing our thought processes to a head. With Venus turning our knowledge into wisdom, we have a chance to make some different decisions, based on our heart's wisdom. The Sabian symbol for Venus and Mercury at 30* Virgo is: A woman calmly cleaning house in the midst of an earthquake. This speaks to the need for total concentration for reaching our spiritual goals. In our unstable world, it's important to find our security and footing in our inner purpose. 

Eye of the Unconscious
Neptune and Jupiter are both considered the rulers of Pisces, the sign of the Collective Unconscious.   With Neptune conjunct the Pisces Moon squaring Jupiter in his own sign of Sagittarius, we're asked to check in with our beliefs. Jupiter in Sagittarius might think he knows the truth but what truth are we talking about? It's time to look at the bigger picture. Are we deluding ourselves into thinking that spirituality has nothing to dowith the environmental crisis our world faces or do we see our soul's mission in relationship to what is happening in the world? 
It seems to me that Spirit is asking us to dig deep into our psyches to discover what our real purpose is this lifetime. I can tell you it's not to focus our intentions for our personal benefit, but rather to see that we are part of the whole. We are Mother Earth's children, and we need to reweave ourselves back into her tapestry to discover why we're here on Earth at this moment in time. So please don't waste time on affirmations for your personal abundance. We don't need any more millionaires. We need people who are willing to face the hard truths about our society and who are willing to sacrifice – to make sacred – some of our 1stworld entitlements for the good of all.

America focused all her industry and energy back in the early 1940s on winning World War II. How can we not focus everything on creating a sustainable future for ourselves, our children and the world? Mother Earth will get through these times – but will humanity?

With 7 out of 10 of the major planets in earth signs, this is the time and the place to make our stand. Who do you want to be?

So on Friday night, take time to watch the Full Moon rise. And then go and meditate and ask your guides, 'What does my soul want me to do?' And then dance. Dance to bring in Spirit. Dance to move your energy through your body so you can embody the Full Moon's energy. Dance and let your prayers flow through you. Ask your Higher Self – what am I here to do
And Listen for the response.

So Mote It Be!
Harvest Blessings,

Since Virgo is the energy of integration and self-knowledge, this is the time to ask yourself the serious questions about life.
Matthew Fox, the Christian theologian, talked about the climate crisis in terms of his four ways. These are the questions he asked.

Via Positiva
How do you express your reverence for Earth?

Via Negativa
What are your fears? What are you having to let go of?

Via Creativa
What new ideas, images, and possibilities
are welling up inside of you?

Via Transformativa
What is your ministry? To where are you drawn to offer service to Earth in this unprecedented time of change?