The Dance of Earth and Venus

The Cosmic Story: Beltane and the Libra/Aries Blue Full Moon, April 19, 2019

The Cosmic Story: Beltane and the Libra/Aries Blue Full Moon

Our Pandora Beltane Tree

This is going to serve as my Beltane newsletter as well as a short summary of the energies at play this upcoming second Libra Full Moon. Beltane, the fourth gateway of the Wheel of the Year and the beginning of summer for the Celts, is the time when the veils between the worlds grow thin and the Faeries come out to dance under the moonlight, bringing their magic and mystery back to our mundane world.

Beltane is the climax of the Spring Equinox energy. Although we celebrate Beltane nominally on May 1st, it really occurs when the Sun is at 15* Taurus, the power gate degree of the fixed signs, which this year is on May 5th.   So happy Beltane and Cinco de Mayo.

Since my birthday is during Beltane, I can admit that this is my favorite Wheel of the Year gateway celebration. It’s near Earth Day, whenwe have a collective opportunity to honor Mother Earth for theblessings, the beauty and the blossoms of May. And don’t forget the Faeries! They’re the spirits of the Earth, who come forth from the hidden realms to bless us each year with growth and sustenance.

To really get in touch with this hidden realm of spirit, we need to use our creative imagination. Since the Enlightenment, patriarchy has tricked us into believing that imagination needs to be left in childhood. When we all found out it just isn’t possible to live fully without using our imaginations, we let our mass media colonize our collective imaginations through advertisements, movies, sports, video games and TV. 

Linda Olson
Lucky for us, both Venus and Mercury have just connected with Neptune in Pisces in the past few weeks. (Mercury on April 2, Venus on April 10.) While Neptune can open us to deception and illusion if we are un-grounded, it really is the archetype of the Creative Imagination. And with both Venus and Mercury connecting us to our hearts and our minds, we can begin to work with this imagination, especially as both planets move into the more dynamic sign of Aries (Mercury on April 17, Venus on April 20)

We need to have a revolution of theimagination, where we take back our unique imaginative capacity and use it to interact with Mother Nature and withour souls. I’m not saying that the right stories aren’t important for us – they shape the energies of life. But when we are confined to only the stories of our mass media, which are often violent, we lose out on an important facet of life.

The fact is that we can use our imaginations to connect to and communicate with the other species in our own world as well as spirits from other dimensions. To imagine our souls into our lives, we need to interact with the archetypal energies that shape life. We do not have to live on Pandorato live in a magical, mystical world. We have that world right here. Right now. Within us. And around us.

Let’s dedicate this year’s Beltane blessings to our collective good – we are learning hard lessons in community as the weather continues to overwhelm large parts of the globe. We need to create strong communities to deal with the issues we face. This would be a good project to put the creative imagination into practice. Bring calm weather to your community in whatever ways you can, using your creative imagination to speak with the nature spirits and see what they need. Or take the temper of the town you live in and see where you can contribute something. With the lunar nodes in Cancer and Capricorn, we are called to be Caretakers: of the Earth and of each other.

With everything going on in our world, from the mysterious synchronicity of fires breaking out at Notre Dame in Paris, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York and the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, to extreme weather devastating much of the world, it seems a good time to step back and get a bigger perspective on lifenow that Jupiter is retrograde (April 10th). For every instance of political uproar around the world, there are people doing interesting, innovative and important things to take the world into the future. Why not be one of those future-oriented people? 

Notre Dame, Paris
This 2ndLibra/Aries Blue Moon is asking us to balance our perspective as well as our relationships. Seeing the problem is only half the process. We have to be open to finding solutions. This is where the creative imagination comes into play. We literally can play around with ideas. Who’s to say you might not be the one to come up with a truly innovative solution to our collective problems?

We’ve arrived at the literal crossroads where we have a decision to make: do we hang on the past and try to keep the old boat afloat, or do we step into the future and re-design the boat. The future is depending on our response.

I just listened to a group of master astrologers talk about the upcoming astrological cycles ending/beginning next year and we are in for more intense times, depending on your perspective and standpoint. If you’re future oriented, you’re in for a wild ride of inspiration and hope. If you fearfully hang onto the past, you’ll get tossed and tumbled.

The only way forward is . . . forward. We’re taking evolution to a whole new level.

So how do we go forward amidst the chaos and uncertainty of our times? Take your cue from Mother Earth and the heavens. The Cosmic Story has been reflecting/shaping our world since its beginning. It’s time to look within and get to know ourselves, to look at our values and to take a stand on them. To do this well, we have to unplug ourselves from our mass media and listen to the Earth’s voice with our imagination, and then work to create a new world that reflects those values.

The Libra/Aries Blue Moon

The second Libra Full Moon occurs on Friday April 19, 2019 at 4:12am PDT/ 7:12am EDT and 12:12pm GMT. This day is celebrated by Christians as Good Friday, with the Jewish Passover on Saturday and Easter on Sunday. And on Monday, April 22nd, we celebrate Earth Day. This is a powerful weekend, so spend time meditating on what you want to birth this year.

This second Libra/Aries Full Moon is a Blue Moon, switching the lunar cycle back to its normal New Moon/Full Moon flow. And it’s the second chance we have to get our relationships on track. It occurs at the last degrees of Aries and Libra, fulfilling the purpose of those signs just as it also releases what we’ve learned from those signs.

Aries and Libra form the relationship axis of the zodiac, the dynamic energy of Self vs. Other. Who am I? And who are You? If we don’t know ourselves, we unconsciously see ourselves through other people’s perception of us, which can set up a power struggle. If we do know ourselves, we’re more available to accept other people and their differences.

This Full Moonbrings backthe revolutionary/evolutionary energies of the 2012-2015 Pluto/Uranus square. The Aries Sun is conjunct Uranus in Taurus with the Libra Moon opposing it. The Aries Sun is quite independent on its own, but with Uranus there tends to be a further pull toward independence. If we’ve done our Aries work in the past years as Uranus transited Aries, we are grounded in our archetypal purpose, our bigger self identity. When we know ourselves, we can enter into a real relationship with others, because we have something true to share. So the Libra Moon will reflect that for us in our relationships.

We have to remember that Libra is not about giving ourselves and our options over to another. Libra demands that we have our own standpoint (Aries) so we can balance the scales (Libra) when we interact with others. The gift of Libra is the ability to hold the tension of opposites until a third option arises. Libra knows how to compromise.

So in all yourrelationships– with a lover, a family member, a friend or a stranger – this Full Moon asks you to relate from your deepest truth. But please learn to do it in a graceful, courteous and kind way (Libra). Let Uranus bring you surprise awakeningsabout your relationships. Perhaps you have to open up to new forms of relationship, bringing in new ideas and/or new people. The old patriarchal form of relationship has a lot of ownership/possessive energyattached to it. We can never own or possess another person, and if this energy is getting in the way of being intimate and truthful, it won’t work any longer.

The reason for that isthisFull Moon is also squared by Pluto, Saturn, and South Node in Capricorn. With both Pluto and Saturn slowing down to turn retrograde in the next week – Pluto on April 24thand Saturn on April 29th– their energies are stronger than usual. This dynamic combination is releasing old karma, asking us to let go of old forms and rules that no longer apply to us as conscious, adult human beings.

What is emerging is a new consciousness about relationships, where we begin to understand that ‘going it alone’ is harder than joining with others who can help and support us on our journey. As a relationship coach, I see the biggest and most basic need is for better communication between partners. The ability to speak our truth as well as the ability to actively listen. The poet Rainier Marie Rilke saysLove is work, and we have to work on our relationships if we want them to be deep, intimate and fulfilling. A great relationship brings out the excellence in each partner.

This is also about being able to speak and listen to people who don’t hold to our political ideals. We have to listen to each other – and when we do, we’ll probably find that we agree on most things, perhaps just not on how to and who can carry those ideals forward. Most disagreements come from unconscious fears and when we know who we are, our fears do not rule us.

Do you not know the Mystery saying that all the gods are one god, and all the goddesses are one goddess, and there is one initiator? Do you not know that at the dawn of manifestation the gods wove the web of creation between the poles of the pairs of opposites, active and passive, dynamic andreceptive, positive and negative, and that all things are these two things in different ways and upon different levels. . .?”
The ancients . . . said the soul is bi-sexual and that as one or the other aspect manifested in the world of form (as a woman or a man), the alternative aspect was latent in the world of spirit . . . – the side that is forth-flowing by its own dynamism, and the side that lies latent, awaiting inspiration, and that come not forth unless it is evoked. And this is the greater side of each one of us: and in a man it is his spiritual nature, and in a woman it is her dynamic will.” Dion Fortune The Sea Priestess

Regardless of our gender identification (rebelling against our patriarchal conditioning) we are composed of these two types of energies. And the rulers of Aries and Libra symbolizes these two cosmic currents: Mars and Venus. Mars is desire, the fire in the belly. Venus is connection, the hopein the heart. We need to connect with our desires in ways that grow life instead of planting death.

Venus is at the last degrees of Pisces, opening us to compassion, imagination and wholeness. Mars is in Gemini, focusing his will on what interests him. Water and air can stir up storms or bring calm breezes and beautiful days. It’s up to us to create the weather in our relationships.

So if you’re wondering how our April Fool is doing on his journey, he’s about to meet The Lovers, the two who become one, for his first initiation under this magical, mystical Blue Moon.He needs to learn the balance between these two forces (dynamism and latency) within himself and with others. If he can find his inner balance and stay open to the world, perhaps he’ll meet the Other who can help him on his journey.

Crowley's The Lovers

As a relationship coach, I’ve discovered that the one thing everyone in the world wants is to be in a good relationship – where it’s with our family, our friends or one specific person. And ironically, it’s the one thing we don’t teach our people. While we’re all ‘engaging’ in relationships, none of us know what the rules are or how to do it naturally.

And to make matters more confusing, we are living at the end of a very restrictive patriarchal version of relationships, changing and growing as we stumble against each other. For many of us, there’s more pain than gain in being in a relationship.

No man is an island. It all begins with our relationships. This isn’t just a man-woman issue – it’s a mother/child issue, a co-worker issue, a friendship issue, a trans issue. How do we maintain balance in all our relationships? And that includes Mother Nature and her other children.

So this is where our Fool finds himself. He’s been given the assignment: set off on your journey and find what makes your heart sing, what makes you feel accepted down to your very bones, what will keep you strong and balanced. Some of us will find this initiation with an actual person, while others will be meeting their Inner Other for the first time.

To imagine a better possible future takes self-awareness. Let’s try something old and new. Let’s learn how to communicate the truth in a kind and courteous manner. Let’s have compassion for each other. That will begin the process. Nobody gave us a guidebook on how to live free. We’re here to learn how to make love, not war. That’s a big shift in collective consciousness, since our species has been at war for at least 5,000 years underpatriarchy.

Let’s become the grandparents of the future and exemplify how to be truth speakers and collaborative visionaries. Our people and our world need us.

May the blessings of this bountiful and beautiful season bring joy to your hearts. Merry meet, and merry part, and merry meet again!



copyright 2019 ~ Cathy Pagano