The Dance of Earth and Venus

The Cosmic Story: Mercury Retrograde in Pisces 2019

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces & Uranus into Taurus

at the New Moon in Pisces:

Dreaming the Future into Being

It’s time to slow the Mind down. It’s time to stop listening to outside news and tune into the inner news. There’s a lot going on in there this month, so whose news would you rather tune into? Fox News or your news?

Mercury, the Messenger God and Psychopomp, is no longer in the Shallow. He’s into the deep end now. After navigating his way through the entire sign of Pisces, he’s decided to heed the call of Mother Ocean and turning, dives deep into his retrograde back through Pisces. There’s nothing shallow about our Mother Ocean so his journey will be deep, mysterious and perhaps dangerous, for Pisces is also the sign of the Collective Unconscious – the source of our collective longings and hopes, our fears and terrors. The Source that gave us birth.

I’m sure Mother Ocean has a lot to say to us. If we choose to listen.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. And Mercury turns back in the very last degree of Pisces. The End of the End.

We are indeed at an End Time. The end of patriarchy, perhaps even the end of our civilization. Mother Earth is wounded and we humans get to choose if we kill her and us, or if we step up, as AOC says, and choose the transformational cost of a new Green Deal over the cost of war and pollution and unrelieved climate change.

The Sabian Symbol for this very last degree of the zodiac, 30* Pisces is: A majestic rock formation resembling a face is idealized by a child who makes it the ideal of greatness, and growing up, begins to look like it.

Thismessage of potential transformationis clear. Nature’s amazing grace and beauty is our foundation and strength. Spirit is alive in Nature and her laws, and if we pattern ourselves after one ofthese archetypal principles of life, we transform ourselves and our world. We allow that archetypal value to live through us and in us.

This is the perfect message for us right now. With the Pisces New Moon occurring hours after the Great Awakener, Uranus, thunders into Taurus (when he was there for a few monthslast year, Hawaii’s Kilauea erupted for over a month), we get to plant the last seed of the 2018 astrological year with a bang.  Uranus in Taurus will bring up new lands and new manifestations of life.

We can plant the seeds of our imagination for a transformed life and a transformed world and Neptune, which is conjunct the Pisces Sun, will carry it into his watery realm to share with the dreams of not only humanity, but of Mother Earth herself for all her children. 
So find time Tuesday night or Wednesday to plant those seeds of hope and possibility. Worry is the negative use of the imagination, so don’t waste this precious New Moon gift on fear or worry. Be playful and use the imagination as it was created to be used – as ablueprint of possibilities and the workshop of the soul.

The best way we can work with the wholeMercury retrograde cyclethis month is to decide on an archetypal principle or deity to meditate on, and use our creative imagination to develop a personal relationship with the energy we want to incarnate. With this kind of meditation, we’ll be exploring our owninner depths anddiscoveringwhat is waiting to be unveiled and understood.

Pick an energy you want to incorporate into your life, such as courage or intelligence, beauty or love, discipline or artistry. Pick a Goddess or God image that incorporates that power. Or open up and see which energy wants to choose you. One Mercury retrograde cycle, Grandmother Spider came to me and taught me many things about myself for those three weeks of Mercury’s backward travel. So work with your image or symbol anddo active imagination with this archetypal energy.


Perhaps you want to find backers for your project. Talk with the Hindu goddess Saraswati, the energy that flows into language and insight and sound. Perhaps you’re completing school and need to focus on studying – talk with Athena, goddess of strategic knowledge. Perhaps you want to do more of your inner work – talk with Vesta, the virgin priestess of flames, to inspire you to find your Self. Perhaps you need to let go of a relationship without the drama and pain – talk with Aphrodite, who after love-making goes to her bath to restore her virginity (she belongs to herself). Perhaps you need to defend your people – talk with Arthur or Lancelotabout getting the Round Table to muster and help standagainst injustice.

The Divine Feminine is the life-force behind all evolution and change, the ground of all being. The Divine Masculine is the source of consciousness and self-awareness. Just as Sophia is Divine Wisdom and Jesus is Christ-consciousness – knowing we are Spirit as well as flesh.

Every time we journey or do active imagination with our inner guides and goddesses and gods, we glean new information to help us with our lives. What better time to do it than during Mercury retrograde?

This year, all three of the Mercury retrogrades are in water signs. That means we’re dealing with our emotional bodies. How do we heal the trauma that’s being inflicted on the people, animals, plants and landscapes of the world? How do we heal ourselves (so we can heal the world)?

We heal ourselves through the play of the creative imagination. Not the stuck ‘daydreams’ of unfulfilled desires, but the moving, active creativity that fills our hearts and whets our appetites. The imagination is where creation begins – the quantum field of dreams that creates the vision that only needs to be filled with our passionand our intentions to manifest.

If we could dream a collective dream, what would it be? What about a peaceful world, where war is a distant memory and creativity and beauty are the norm? Where love comes into its own and is no longer bought and sold, or held in ransom to make sure it’s returned in full measure. Where men and women are equallyvalued and honored for their different gifts and their cooperative endeavors. Where the community is at the center of the Circle of Life rather than the economy? Where humans are once more part of Mother Nature’s biosphere, taking up our rightful place as stewards of this amazing planet.

That's my dream.  What's yours?

This amazingly fertile Mercury retrograde waits for you to dive in and renew yourself in the life-giving waters of the Anima Mundi—the World Soul.

Bring back your treasure!