The Dance of Earth and Venus

The Cosmic Story: Leo/Aquarius Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse, 2019
Embodying Our Lion-Hearted Being of Light

Even though I promised myself a break after 12 years of writing New and Full Moon reports, I find myself wanting to write about this lunar eclipse. Perhaps because it sits on my Aquarius Jupiter, or because the Cancer North Node is on my Moon or that Neptune is squaring my ascendant. Or that the first eclipse of this series, the total solar eclipse of August 2017 occurred on my Saturn in Leo.

This final eclipse in Leo/Aquarius is a bookend to the Leo Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017, which marked the shift in nodal axis from Virgo/Pisces to Leo/Aquarius. For one last time, we are experiencing an eclipse in these signs before all the eclipses shift to Cancer/Capricorn for the next year and a half.

It is said that theconstellation of Leo represents our urge to evolve our consciousness, to evolve to a higher stateof being human. Carl Jung saw Leo as the sign of individuation -- the act of becoming uniquely oneself. Leo is associated with the Sun, the source of light, warmth and life. And Leo is associated with the heart, which is the real source of greater consciousness.

And in Linda Turner's book, The Mystery of the White Lion, she brings up the point that while here in the northern hemisphere we are watching the precession of the Equinoxes from the world age of Pisces into Aquarius, it also gives rise to the fact that in the southern hemisphere, they will be precessing into the Age of Leo on their Spring Equinox.

Each astrological Age has a shadow side reflected in the southern hemisphere. As we approach the Age of Aquarius, we are also engaging in its' opposite sign of Leo, which was rising on the Spring Equinox in the North about 11,500 BC.

So while we wait for the Age of Aquarius, we are also preparing to engage our Leo side -- each of us has to individuate and become the queen or king. That means, we each have to mediate between heaven and Earth, between spirit and matter, between individuals and the group.

So the reason I'm writing to finish off this amazing eclipse series on the Leo/
Aquarius axis is to share whatI've learned during these past 19 months.

I've finally understood what it means to be 'lion-hearted' and to live with my 'heart's hope'. While I am an initiated priestess of Sekhmet, the lioness Goddess of Egypt, it has been this Leo/Aquarius eclipse series that has brought me full awareness of what it means to be lion-hearted


To be lion-heartedmeans to be protective of life, to be strong, to be wild and fierce, to be loving and playful, to live according to natural law, connected to all the rest of Nature through Gaia's web of life.

Lions are the stewards of the land. Lion and Lioness, both literally and symbolically, show us the mystery of love, truth and light. Any study of history and mythology will show that lions and lionesses always attended the kings and queens, heroes and heroines. They are humanity's friends and protectors.

To be lion-hearted, we must first leave behind fear. Fear is coded into our reptilian brain - our fight or flight instinct -- but it doesn't have to take over our conscious attitude. As King of the Animals, the lion walksand guardshis land, he eatsof the animals (who eatthe plantsand drink the waters) who live on the land and keepsthe balance of Nature. Lions teach us that we are all connected and if we can face our fears(shadows)and embracethem as our Beloved, we can create balance, calm and peace within and around ourselves. The lion reminds us that it is time to remember that all life is a blessing and that we're connected to Mother Earth's web of life.

It's time to come in from the cold. We are all related.

If we're lion-hearted, we know it is our responsibility (Saturn in Capricorn) tosteward andprotect our land and our people, to be kings and queens/leaders when we see what needs to be done. In ancient times, the falcon-headed god Horus, associated with the Solar Logos of Cosmic Law(Aquarius and the eagle), is associated with lions as well. Horus is a culture-bringer, as is the Lionwho stewards his land and keeps things in balance.

Leo shows us howto become women and men of heart, of integrity and authenticity. We need to find our courage to be leaders, so we can protect what we love in the coming years.

If you want to learn more about the mystery of being 'lion-hearted', I recommend Linda Tucker's The Mystery of the White Lions.

The Super Blood Wolf Moon total lunar eclipse 2019


This Blood Moon, Wolf Moon, Super Moon total lunar eclipse in Leo and Aquarius is as powerful as its many names.

A Lunar Eclipse happens when the Moon passes into Earth's shadow. Since this eclipse will be a total eclipse, the entire Moon will pass into the Earth's dark shadow. During the period of totality the Moon will glow a crimson red (hence the title Blood Moon). This happens due to sunlight filtering through Earth's atmosphere effectively scattering the violet side of the visible spectrum of light.

A Super Moon means that the Moon is at its closest to Earth, so it appears bigger (14%) and brighter (30%).

The Wolf Moon is the Native American name for the first full Moon in the month after the Winter Solstice. It's also called the Old Moon or the Moon after Yule by the Anglo-Saxons.

So how will this lunar eclipse live up to its names?

Leo-Aquarius total Lunar Eclipse, January 20-21, 2019

This LeototalLunar Eclipse occurs on January 20that 9:16pm PST and on January 21stat 12:16am EST/ 5:16am GMT.

Leo is the sign not only of individuation but of creative self-expression, fun and play, children and lovers. All the things that make life worthwhile. Aquarius is the sign of collective consciousness which is transforming out of patriarchy into partnership. 2020'sWinter Solstice conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn atthis same degree in Aquarius will mark a real shift in collective consciousness.

The Sabian symbol for the Moonat 1* Leo is: Blood rushes to a man's head as his vital energies are mobilized under the spur of desire. This indicates a need to be innovative and pioneering. Something has shifted and we become more vital and alive as new ideas come into play. It's time to dream of something more.

The Sabian symbol for theSunat1* Aquarius: An old adobe Mission in California. This symbol is such a mixed metaphor. The adobe Mission is a symbol of a guiding spiritual ideal that wasmade concrete. But at what price? The Catholic missionaries took away the Native Americans own way of being in connection to the spiritin nature. Objectively, this symbol showsagreat concern for humanity which calls for people to step intoleadership positions. With Aquarius, we need to lookbeyond the bounds of what has been established and discovernew ideas and techniquesto reconnect to Spirit.

The Sabian symbol for the total solar eclipsethat began this seriesin August 2017at 29* Leo: A mermaid emerges from the ocean waves ready for rebirth in human form. This Mermaid symbolizes the longings of the heart, the rejected knowing of the heartwhich is now coming to the forefront of consciousness. That is why mermaids and sirens are known for their singing -- they sing the longing of our hearts. Hopefully we are becoming open-hearted and finally listening to our heart's hope.

Astrological Energies of this Eclipse

Whenever we have a total lunar eclipse, the Earth's shadow blocks out the sunlight reflected on the Moon and we have a break in the cosmic flow of energies. We get to see what shadow elements block us from achieving the potential consciousness offered by the Full Moon.

What keeps us from being more lion-hearted? Is it fear fostered by religious or cultural beliefs? Is it fear we've inherited from our families and tribes? Is it the fear of what the culture does to people who speak out against the norm? Once we face our fears and embrace our shadows, we can begin to be lion-hearted, we can begin to live free and create our own lives and a new culture.

The lunar eclipse is challenged by Uranus 29* Aries, so there can be some surprises in store. It isalsoa renewed call to remember our archetypal identities, our unique call to life. To strengthen our resolve. The square urges us to find ways to incorporate our inner rebel while still being concerned with the needs of the group.

The eclipse is also challenged by the asteroid Pallas in Libra, the supreme strategist and diplomat, which is opposite Uranus, the rebel and innovator. It's important to stay in balance. Since these two energies are in cardinal signs, they are the movers and shakers of this fixed sign eclipse. Find a way to become a rebel with a cause. During the eclipse, figure out what you need to do to be free to act in alignment with your heart's wisdom.

We have some wonderful fiery vital energy to help us be inspired during and after this lunar eclipse. Venus and Jupiterin Sagittariusare about to connect in the early morning sky on Tuesday, January 22nd, so try to get up early to see it. Venus and Jupiter are called the great benefics, meaning they bring good luck and ease to us. Before they join together, they each make a square to Neptune in Pisces: Jupiter on January 13th and Venus an hour before the eclipse.

Both Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces are in the signs of their rulership, so they bring a strong spirituality to these times. The Jupiter/Venus square to Neptune can open up our divinecreative imagination or it can cast us into illusion and delusions of grandeur. The best way to work with this energy is to move it through your body (Sagittarius loves to combine the physical, mental and spiritual energies) and then go create something.

Afterthe eclipse,as the Moon travels through Leo, it will createa fire grand trine between Marsin Aries andVenus/Jupiterin Sagittarius, activatingsomepositive outcomesfor us if we do our work -- Mars square Saturn.

Hours after the eclipse, Mars in Aries squares Saturn in Capricorn -- each in the sign they hold rulership over. As you can see, the cosmic energies downloading to us now are pure and free to assume their most potent purpose. Usually Mars and Saturn are opposite types of energies -- Mars is the puer, the energy that just jumps into life, while Saturn is the old man who upholds rules and limits and tries to crush Mars' enthusiasms.

Saturn's purpose puts pressure in our Mars action, so it's important to be resilient. Learn (if you haven't already) to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Learn to witness the chaos in the world without being swept into it. Learn to let Mars act as the cosmic warrior while Saturn works to establish a stable new form of societyor a new routine in your own life. Learn to get these energies workingtogether within yourself and they will begin to work together in the outer world. The highest and best good that comes from this challenging aspect is that we give structure to our actions, that we act to enhance our unique purpose in life for the sake of the world. It is to learn discipline and to be responsible for our actions. 
Saturn's sense of purpose is putting pressure on our Mars action. We must learn resilience, to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Just witness the chaos without becoming the chaos. Let a new organizing principle, that originates from the Higher Self, recreate your life.

Our cosmic instructions from this total lunar eclipse seems to be:

1. Learn to be lion-hearted.
2. Learn to believe in yourself and your purpose.
3. Learn the discipline needed to achieve your purpose.
4. Let that Mermaid's longing to incarnate bring a new song to the world.

It's a call to live in joy!

Here in Rhode Island, the weather shifted from clear to snow and rain so we probably won't get to see the eclipse. But if you have clear skies, go out and enjoy the show that Mother Moon and Mother Earth have graced us with.

Bright Blessings,